“Clark was born 26 July 2014 He was an undiagnosed breechling and a very long baby in 98th percentile for length! Due to this he was incredibly snug up until his birth and was unfortunately born with a misshapen head which was quite flat on the right side and he also had torticollis which meant he could only sleep with his head on the right side too, which only made matters worse. His ears were very cupped with the right ear being the worst and were constantly folding over which only added to the problem. We immediately set out with chiropractic treatment to improve his muscles and neck movement and thankfully by 12 weeks this had greatly improved as had the shape of his head to some extent. However by 12 weeks it became clear that there was a problem with his ears as they we getting worse rather than better. We were researching surgery options when we came across EarBuddies and were glad to find a non invasive / non surgical option. We put them on at 12 weeks and they have been on constantly for 10 weeks and we are over the moon with the results. Christmas has come early for us!! Please find attached before and after photo which we are more than happy for you to share.”
Breechling baby with stick out ears

Before EarBuddies

10 weeks after fitting ear buddies, Clark's ears no longer stick out.

10 weeks later

 Mrs R.H
Bournemouth, UK 
December 2014

“We welcomed our baby girl on 10/12/14 and noticed that her left ear seemed a little bent out of shape. I thought it was just folded funny during the delivery, and the doctors said it would most likely fix itself it a few days. Being the skeptical person that I am, I quickly began researching newborn ear deformities. To me it seemed like the descriptions on the web pointed to Stahls Bar, so I started looking for solutions. We made an appointment with a plastic surgeon when she was 3 days old because I wanted to see if there were options to correct it early. He said he had never treated a patient so young and would have to refer me to another specialist in another city, 2 hours away. He also said Stahls is very hard to correct and in many times surgery is the only option, but she would have to wait until she was 6-8 years old. We left the office very disappointed in the lack of options available. That night I came across your product online, and was amazed with the results you posted on your website. I ordered it and it arrived within a week. We fitted the EarBuddies piece in the ear and taped it following the instructions online. It took me a couple tries before I was satisfied with the fitting but once it was on it didn't seem to bother the baby. She was approximately 8-9 days old when we fitted the piece. To our astonishment, we got amazing results in only 2 weeks!!!
Picture of a Stahl's Bar in a baby

Before EarBuddies

This Malformation of the outer ear is known as a Stahl's Bar

Stahl's bar

Ear Buddies Infant Auricular Correctors can treat a Stahl's Bar in Babies

2 weeks later

Stahl's bar gone

We are so happy that we tried your product and amazed with the results. It is unbelievable that the plastic surgeon was not aware of your product and recommended a special prosthetic and surgery that would cost thousands of dollars. Thank you so much Earbuddies!! You saved my baby from some future insecurities and saved us thousands of dollars in plastic surgery!!! Thanks again!!!”


 Leopoldo & his Daughter
San Diego, USA
October 2014

“When my son was born, before we'd even left the delivery room, the midwife had pointed out to us that his ears stuck out, and said "but it's amazing what they can do with surgery these days"! It turns out her honesty was a blessing, because her comments stayed with me and within days of being home, I was on Google, and found the EarBuddies site. Not wanting him to be teased for a moment in his life for something I could've prevented, and knowing time was of the essence, I ordered them without even discussing it with his Dad, although he soon agreed it was worth a try. As he was only 2 weeks old, and I was concerned about making things worse, we first got them fitted by Rachel Hall, a lovely and very helpful Clinical Nurse Specialist trained by David Gault at Portland Hospital. I was incredibly surprised by how easy they were to fit when I changed them after two weeks, following Rachel's original guidance. After only 4 weeks, the result was absolutely incredible. As I was still solely breastfeeding, they kept their shape but were still soft and bending forward when feeding / in the car seat / against a collar etc, so I continued to keep them fitted until he was almost 4 months old, not wanting to risk undoing all the good that had already been done. As he got older, it was definitely more of a challenge, as he started rubbing them, they took longer to change, it was harder to keep them dry when bathing, and they got weepy which meant I had to refit them more regularly. I would therefore definitely recommend fitting them as early as possible. The more GPs / midwives / health visitors / hearing specialists know about your product, the better. None of mine were aware of it, as I found out when attempting to find someone local to fit them. This may put a number of other nervous parents off, as there is a real concern we may do more harm than good.


Sleeping baby


Ear Buddy taped to side of head with adhesive tapes


Ear after removing ear buddies splint after 4 weeks

after 4 weeks

Stick out ear responding to ear buddies neonatal molding

after 3 months

Thank you EarBuddies for such an amazing product. Such a minor inconvenience for a lifelong result. I know my son will be grateful in the years to come. The photos attached are before, during, after 4 weeks, and after 3 months.”


 Hayley & her Son Reggie
London, UK 
September 2014
Interview with Hayley about Ear Buddies | Correct Sticky Out Misshapen Deformed Protruding Prominent Ears

“My daughter was born with beautiful ears, but as the weeks passed her ears changed shape. The tops of both of her ears started to fold over. It became really noticeable. People said she had ears like a 'pixie' and while this could be seen as endearing on a baby, I did not want her to grow up being paranoid of them or worse still, being picked on because of them. Even though she was only 3 months, I started to research what a pinnaplasty might involve. The thought of my little girl going under the knife scared me, so I looked for alternatives. The only one I could find was EarBuddies. The instructions were thorough and simple to understand. Fitting the splits to the ears was a little tricky, but I managed to do it while my daughter was awake. As time went by, I hardly noticed the EarBuddies on her ears. She wasn't bothered by them at all, she didn't play with the splits or the tape and was more than happy to sleep on them. She wore them for a total of 10 weeks and I only had to change them 3 times. I was a little sceptical about how much difference they would actually make, but I was willing to give anything non-surgical a try. How could these little splints possibly work to re-mould the shape of ears? Now I am so thankful I came across the website and this product as they have changed the appearance of her ears dramatically. Now at 6 months, my daughter has her beautiful ears back. She will not remember her 'EarBuddies' experience, but I know she will be grateful to me in the future for intervening.” 
Stick out ears from the front | baby before using ear buddies

Before EarBuddies

results after 10 weeks of ear buddies

10 weeks later

 Mrs G.M
August 2013

“Thank you EarBuddies! My name is Laura and my sons name is Beck. He was born on April 11, 2012. We are now fast approaching on his first birthday! When Beck was born my husband and I were overjoyed. He came into the world in perfect health. We could not have asked for anything more. When I was able to hold Beck after he was checked over by the nurses I noticed his ears were very pointed. I mentioned this to my husband and we both glanced at each others ears noticing no point. I figured if this was all we had to worry about, we could handle that. Beck was two weeks old in the photo below. When my mother came to visit the baby she immediately noticed his ears and was concerned he would be made fun of when he goes to school. My mother began to research online about ways to fix his ears. Most of the sites in the US talked about surgery. Then we found your site. My mother said you should try these EarBuddies. They are inexpensive and do not hurt the baby at all. I ordered the splints and put them in when Beck was one month old. I left them in for about three in a half weeks and his ears were completely reshaped! His ears look great now and people can't believe the before and after pictures. Thank you so much EarBuddies! You have made a great change in my sons life!!! Thank you!”
baby with rim kink on right ear

Before EarBuddies

close up of a rim kink in a baby

Folded Over Rim

Ear Buddies has removed the rim kink deformity, leaving a normal ear

3.5 weeks later

ear splint has rounded the rim of the ear

Folded Rim gone

Laura & her Son Beck
March 2013


“ When my son Jason was about 3 month's old, I noticed his ears were starting to stick out quite a lot. I was really worried because I knew that kids are often teased about their ears, but I had no idea what to do about it. By pure chance, I found the "EarBuddies" website and I contacted them immediately. Jason wore EarBuddies for about 3 or 4 months and the results were amazing! He is a very healthy and active 5.5 year old boy now living in Australia. The last thing he will ever to worry about in his life will be his ears!”
Kay Read & her Son Jason
July 2010


"About 9 years ago, the little boy in this video was on television in the UK wearing some EarBuddies. Look at those perfect ears now! He now lives in Canberra, Australia - hence the accent. He has perfect ears thanks to EarBuddies. So lucky I found the website in time for him!


Ear Buddies Baby becomes star of Australian Short Film!


“I found out about EarBuddies when my daughter was about 5 months old. She was born with perfectly normal ears and this only began to change after three months. Her ears were very soft and would fold when in her cot or car seat and were becoming more and more prominent. I was becoming very concerned about how this was going to affect her as she grew older. I started some research after my Mum declared that she was going to pay for her to have her ears pinned back for her 18th birthday, to which my response was that I was sure that she would have wanted something done long before she reached that age. I came across earbuddies through a search on the internet and quickly decided to go ahead but had to convince my husband first, who felt that we should not mess around with her and wait for her to make up her own mind if they were a problem. Several other family members agreed with me wanting to use the system so my husband came around to the idea and we fitted earbuddies when Freya was 5 months old. I was not at all worried about what anybody thought so did not routinely put a hat on her and welcomed any one asking me about it as I absolutely knew that I was doing the right thing for her and interestingly everyone who asked thought it was a fantastic idea and couldn't believe that it was not better known, including my health visitor. I cannot be happier with the result that we have achieved and am keeping the splints on for a bit longer to be sure of the result. I only wish that I had known about it before as my 3 year old nephew was born with cup ear and this may have improved it for him. The pictures are of her before splintage and after 6 weeks of splintage. ”
Baby with protruding ears

Before EarBuddies

Protruding & prominent ears gone without any surgery

after 6 Weeks

Mrs J.B
February 2010


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