Worried Baby's ears stick out and want to fix them? Ear Buddies Splints reshape the soft cartilage of baby ears, resulting in a permanent, surgery-free correction. Correct Sticky Out Ears with Ear Buddies.

Do your baby's ears Stick Out or Fold Over?

EarBuddies™ offer a Permanent, Surgery-Free, Life-Changing Solution

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Ear of the Month - August 2017

"My first attempt I fitted them with my sister who had also used the EarBuddies in 2015 when she managed to correct the rim kink in her sons ear. - After several months we really noticed a change, her ears are now much less pronounced and I am so thankful for discovering EarBuddies! - Go with your instinct as a parent – don’t rely on others telling you that it’s a good decision – people will just say your baby is perfect. To be honest, I thought my baby’s sticking out ears were so cute, however I knew that they may not look this way when she grew up. "

Mrs J and her Daughter - Somerset, England

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Ear of the Month - July 2017

"EarBuddies has been a blessing for my son. Looking at his ear now nobody would believe that he previously had an ear deformity. EarBuddies I would like to say a huge thanks for creating such an amazing product that can save millions of babies from ridicule, low self esteem and costly surgery in future. With a Basic Kit my son's ear deformity has been cured for life."

Mrs N & her Son - Mauritius

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Ear of the Month - June 2017

"I just wanted to let you know how HAPPY we are after my baby completed his 3 month treatment. He had prominent ears and I was concerned about him getting bullied or too self-conscious in the future. It was much easier and far more comfortable to wear and apply than I thought, even in a very hot climate like the one we have here in the southeast of Spain on very sensitive skin like my son's. We could already see results after only 15 days! Thank you so much for making such an amazing and easy-to-use device available to everyone."

Andrea & her Son - Alicante, Spain

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Ear Helix Deformity türkiye

Ear of the Month - May 2017

"I recommend you do not hesitate to get EarBuddies if you have any doubt about your baby’s ear. Because in the future, you may have a bigger problem and maybe solution is going to be harder. We were very worried about our newborn baby Miray’s left ear, so I made a search on the Web, found EarBuddies, and ordered; shipping was really fast. In just the second day, I could see the progress in her ear."

Ibrahim & and his Daughter Miray - Ankara, Turkey

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Ear of the Month - April 2017

"Thank you for educating me, thank you for giving me hope & thank you for letting me believe I can do this before I even got the product. My daughter was two months old when my kit arrived. I can not express the excitement and joy me and my family felt after seeing my daughters ears after only two weeks. The results where outstanding, but we noticed her ears where still very soft, so we continued for 7 more weeks. The results truly speak for themselves. Thank you for this life changing product, you successfully changed my daughters life forever."

Denise & her Baby Daughter - Sydney, Australia

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Newborn babies ears
ear stickers for big stick out ears

Ear of the Month - March 2017

"We put the Ear Buddies on her on 31st December, 2 weeks later there was already a huge improvement!! We couldn't believe it. We continued re-applying them every 2 weeks when we eventually had no further need to continue with them after 2.5 months as the ear cartilage has started to harden!

We are absolutely thrilled with the results and we can't thank you enough!!! I will be forever grateful, from 1 very happy 1st time mummy :)"

Melissa & Baby Emilia - United Kingdom

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Ear of the Month - February 2017

"This is Olivia who is now 6 months old ! She is a twin who was born 10 weeks premature. Due to being in an incubator​ for a long period of time and her ear cartilage being very soft her ear became deformed over time. This is 6 weeks results. After being told she would need surgery to correct it we are thrilled with the results."

Paris Stocker & Baby Olivia

United Kingdom

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Ear of the Month - January 2017

"I would just like to provide some very positive anonymous feedback please from myself and my wife who are both health care professionals in the NHS. Your product is effective, easy to use and was really well tolerated by our new born son. I would suggest raising awareness of this great product with paediatric trainees who do the baby checks of new borns in hospital, midwifes and health visitors"

Dr O, NHS Doctor - United Kingdom

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"I didn't want to put her through surgery due to her 'pixie ear', so I looked for an alternate solution and found EarBuddies. She's been wearing the splints for 2 months now and her ears look amazing!"

Niki & Baby Emilia

Essex, United Kingdom

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