Worried Baby's ears stick out and want to fix them? Ear Buddies Splints reshape the soft cartilage of baby ears, resulting in a permanent, surgery-free correction. Correct Sticky Out Ears with Ear Buddies.

Ear of the Month - March 2019 🇬🇧

"When our daughter was born in January 2019, we noticed straight away that one of her ears was folded and a different shape from the other ear. Despite assurances the ear would correct itself from midwives it remained a different shape and very pointy and sticking out. My partner had suffered with bullying and a painful surgery due to problems with his ears being prominent which I did not want my daughter to experience.

After some research I came across EarBuddies and booked at appointment to see Mr Gault when Penelope was 2.5 weeks old. He fitted the EarBuddies and immediately managed to shape the ear to a normal shape. He said we would have a full cure to her problem within a few weeks. She was not phased or bothered at all by the ear buddy being fitted or when worn. We found the ear buddy easy to fit at home. She now has a normal ear and we couldn’t be happier for her. This is such a great product and I really strongly believe it should be more widely publicised by midwives and doctors if a deformity is spotted at birth. 

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Ear of the Month - February 2019 🇺🇸

"Our son was born on December 20, 2018. I noticed that his ears looked different to mine and his Father's. I began to do some research online and discovered that he had Stahl’s Ear affecting both of his ears. I first took my son to the Pediatrician who then said that the condition would fix itself with time, or if I was overly concerned, he would refer our son to a plastic surgeon.

I began to do further research on Stahl’s Ear and came across EarBuddies online. We ordered EarBuddies and began the splinting process when Griffin was about 2 weeks old. We continued with the splinting for three weeks. We couldn’t be happier with the results. I would definitely recommend EarBuddies and I wish that medical providers here in the U.S. would recommend splinting instead of surgery."

Brandi, Kirk & their son Griffin - California, USA

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Ear of the Month - January 2019 🇬🇧

"Our little boy Alessandro was born in March 2018 and, after about three months, we noticed that his ears had started to drift further and further out.  So we were intrigued when my sister (a GP) told us that she had read about a way of bringing Alessandro's ears back in without the need for surgery.

After doing our research and going through lots of parent testimonials on the Earbuddies website we decided to the plunge and we are so glad we did! As you can see from the before and after progress photos attached, the splints have made a huge difference to Alessandro's ears.

We’ve had so many positive comments about what a huge difference it’s made and couldn’t be more pleased. To any parents who aren’t sure yet, we’d say do take the plunge. Thank you EarBuddies!"

Elena, James & their Son Alessandro - Kent, UK

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