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  • EarBuddiesTM Basic Kit

    The Basic Kit contains enough adhesive tape to ensure that both ears can be corrected in a newborn,  but if your baby is older, you will need to order the Premium Pack or purchase additional Adhesive Tapes.


    What's in the Basic Kit:
    • Two EarBuddiesTM Splints
    • One Pouch of Wide Tape
    • One Pouch of Narrow Tape
    • Your Choice of EarBuddiesTM 100% Cotton Headwear
    • Fitting Instructions
    A Selection of EarBuddies™ Basic Kits for the Correction of Deformities of the Outer Ear

    To ease the process at every step, we would recommend the Premium Pack, which includes the Basic Kit plus all you need to ensure the best possible result, especially if your baby is older than 1 month.

  • EarBuddiesTM Premium Pack

    Ease the process at every step, with all the tools at your disposal to ensure the best possible result.


    What's in the Premium Pack:
    • One EarBuddiesTM Basic Kit
    • 20 Appeel® Adhesive Remover Wipes for easy tape changes
    • 3M CavilonTM Barrier Film Spray to protect skin
    • Our custom ergonomic EarBuddiesTM Shaver by WahlTM, (alkaline battery, brush and shaver oil included), is designed to gently remove the fine hair above the ear
    • Extra Tape so that you're prepared for every tape change
      • 4 Pouches of SuperWide Adhesive Tapes
      • 3 Pouches of Wide Adhesive Tapes
      • 2 Pouches of Narrow Adhesive Tapes
    • EarBuddiesTM 'my first haircut' keepsake envelope
    • Fitting Instructions
    Fix Prominent Ears with an Ear Buddies Premium Pack. Contains Adhesive Tapes, Appeel, Cavilon Barrier Film and a Wahl Shaver.

    Please note that a longer period of splintage may require extra Adhesive Tape and Adhesive Remover in addition to the Premium Pack. The quantity of supplies required varies in each individual case based on type of ear defect, the adhering properties of your babies skin, your ability to keep the tapes dry, rate of progress, etc. As a rough guide, most parents use 1 or 2 additional packs of SuperWide Tape (each containing two pouches of tape) per month of splinting (assuming both ears are splinted).

    Exterior of EarBuddies™ Premium Pack | EarPerfect™
  • Headwear Guide

    Headwear that you’re happy with is more important than you might think. Our data shows that since the introduction of EarBuddiesTM headwear, parents persevere with splintage for twice as long, with some fantastic results. In the next tab you'll find our guide on how to measure head-size, ensuring you get the best fit for your baby.

    Made from 100% Cotton:
    • Our Baby Hats are made of light cotton and would suit a mild climate. These are our smallest size, and are ideal for newborns.
    • Baby Beanies are thicker & larger than the hats and would be great for cold weather or chilly evenings. They can be made to stretch further by unfolding the rim of the beanie.
    • Baby Bandanas are made of lightweight cotton, so a good option for warm weather. They can be adjusted using the ties at the back.
    Headwear for Newborn Babies by EarBuddies

    Extra Headwear

    It is important to match the headwear to the climate and season for your baby’s comfort. It must fit properly (a good fit can support the correction, but a tight fit is uncomfortable and unnecessary).

    Splintage can be a sensitive time, and while we hope that it will soon become as accepted as braces on teeth, we understand that a cool cover-up can help you to stay the course.­­ If you would like to purchase additional headwear for a range of weather and seasonal conditions, please click here.

  • What is my baby’s head size?

    Use a tape measure, or some string and a ruler, to measure around your baby’s head – it is best to measure along the hairline as this is where the headwear sits. Alternatively, use the chart below to estimate your baby’s head size based on age and gender.

  • Will I need more than the two splints in the Basic Kit or Premium Pack?

    The two splints in your Basic Kit or Premium Pack will serve for the full period of corrective splintage.

    Can’t I just tape the ears back without EarBuddiesTM splints?

    EarBuddiesTM splints work by remoulding the cartilage framework which is causing the ear to be prominent or misshapen. The pressure of the splint in the scaphal hollow reforms the antihelical fold which is missing or abnormal in prominent or misshapen ears. Merely taping an ear back without the splint in place is not effective, and can cause kinking, flattening or notching of the rim, which may not be noticeable until later years.

  • What are the benefits of fitting EarBuddiesTM?


    The Benefits of Fitting EarBuddiesTM:
    • avoids the need for expensive surgery
    • avoids risks and complications of surgery
    • avoids pre-surgery teasing
    • permanent, life-long correction
    • avoids the psychological impact of stick-out ears
    • corrects the problem before child is aware of it
    • no need for time off school or work later in life
    • pain-free
    • negligible complication rate
    • cost-effective
    • choice of an expert fitting service or fit at home


    EarBuddies compared with Plastic Surgery known as Otoplasty
  • What is CavilonTM No Sting Barrier Film?

    • Cavilon is a quick-drying, breathable, transparent and alcohol-free liquid film
    • Forms a long-lasting waterproof barrier which protects the skin against irritation caused by friction or moisture around the splint or behind the ear
    • Included in the Premium Pack
    • Cavilon™ will not sting when applied to broken skin
    • With 140 squirts per 28ml bottle, a little goes a long way
    • Allow the product to dry completely (approximately 30 seconds) before applying tapes on top
    Cavilon Barrier Film to Protect the Sensitive Skin of Babies during EarBuddies Splintage

    Do I need it?

    We recommend Cavilon™ if:

    • Your baby has sensitive skin
    • You live in a humid country
    • Your baby is older than one month (older babies sweat more than newborns)
    • You are having difficulty keeping the tapes dry (splashing in the bath / possetting etc)

    What is the difference between Cavilon and Medihoney®?

    Cavilon Barrier Film is used to prevent skin inflammation beneath the EarBuddiesTM splint, behind the ear and beneath the adhesive tapes. The adhesive tapes can be applied on top of this film, once it has dried.

    Medihoney® is a barrier cream which helps to maintain the skin's barrier properties. It is specially formulated with a range of natural ingredients and is used to soothe and settle at-risk or irritated skin. The adhesive tapes cannot be applied on top of Medihoney cream.

    General Directions for use with EarBuddiesTM

    1. Skin should be clean and dry prior to application of Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film.
    2. Hold spray nozzle 10-15 centimetres from skin and apply a smooth, uniform coating of film over the entire area that will be in contact with the EarBuddiesTM splints and adhesive tapes.
    3. If an area is missed, reapply to that area only after first application of Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film has dried (approximately 30 seconds).
    4. If Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film is applied to the area with skin folds or other skin-to-skin contact, make sure that skin-contact areas are separated to allow the film to thoroughly dry before returning to the normal position.
    5. When used under adhesive tapes or EarBuddiesTM splints, allow Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film to thoroughly dry before applying adhesive tapes. Reapplication of Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film is necessary each time the adhesive tapes are changed as the barrier film is removed by the adhesive.
    6. If you wish to remove the barrier film, you can use a medical adhesive remover (such as Appeel). Once the area is clean and dry, you may then reapply Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film.
    7. Replace cap over spray nozzle when not in use to prevent accidental dispensing.

    Indications for Use

    Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film is a liquid intended for use as a film-forming product, that upon application to intact or damaged skin forms a long-lasting waterproof barrier, which acts as a protective interface between the skin and bodily wastes, fluids, adhesive products, friction and shear. It is intended as a primary barrier against irritation from body fluids. The product may be used on adults, children, and infants over one month of age. Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film is NOT to be used on infected areas of the skin.


    2. Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film is extremely flammable until it has completely dried on the skin.
    3. Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film should only be applied when no ignition sources or heat-producing devices are in use.
    4. Avoid using around flames.
    5. Use in a well-ventilated area.
    6. The spray bottle is intended for single patient use.
    7. Keep out of the reach of children.
    8. Store at room temperature.


    1. Avoid contact with the eye.
    2. Use of other barrier products, ointments, creams or lotions may significantly reduce its effectiveness.
    3. Should redness or other signs of irritation persist, even after application of Medihoney, consult a physician.



    Ingredients: Hexamethyldisiloxane, isooctane, acrylate terpolymer, polyphenylmethylsiloxane

  • Appeel® No-Sting Adhesive Remover Wipes

    • 20 No-Sting Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes included in the Premium Pack.
    • Alcohol-free for sensitive skin.
    • Sterile - can be used on both intact and broken skin.
    • No preservatives, fragrances or latex.
    • 100% Healthcare Grade Silicone formulation, which acts as a moisturiser.
    • Developed for epidermolysis bullosa care (a condition in which the skin is extremely sensitive), and is ideally suited for babies with sensitive skin.


    1. Tear sachet to open and fold the wipe into a long rectangle.
    2. One section at a time, hold the Appeel wipe firmly on top of the adhesive tapes to be removed; it doesn't matter if the wipe directly touches the skin, as Appeel is formulated for the most sensitive skin.
    3. Allow the adhesive remover to soak in for 30-60 seconds.
    4. Gently lift off the tapes without pulling at the skin.
    5. Use the wipe to remove any remaining adhesive residue.
    6. Appeel® rapidly evaporates from the skin surface. Once dry, it will not affect the adhesion of the fresh tapes.


    Appeel is made with a specially formulated blend of healthcare grade silicones.

    Appeel Wipes for getting rid of adhesive residue
  • EarBuddies™ Shaver by Wahl™

    • Included in the Premium Pack
    • Alkaline battery, brush and shaver oil included
    • Ergonomic, rubberised design
    • Designed to gently remove the fine hair around the ear
    • 3 Year Guarantee
    Wahl Pocket Pro Portable EarBuddies™ Shaver for Baby Hair

    Why do I need a Baby Hair Shaver?

    Even fine hairs trapped under the tapes will prevent them from sticking correctly, and will prickle and cause irritation, thereby attracting your baby’s fingers to their ears. This can cause your baby to pull at the tapes, so shaving the hair where the tapes stick is one of the most important recommendations.

    Using with EarBuddiesTM

    • It is best practice to shave the hair, no matter how fine, in the area where the tapes will stick for a firm and trouble-free fix. This is especially important for babies older than one month, who have more hair than newborns.
    • Don’t worry about shaving a baby’s hair – in some countries this is done routinely, often several times before the age of one year. Shaving a small amount around the ears will do no harm.
    • Babies have delicate skin, so be gentle, and shave at a 30° angle.
    • See the photos below for guidance on how much hair to shave. Parents splinting to correct less common conditions such as Cryptotia, Stick-Out Lobe and Conchal Crus may be able to get away with shaving less hair (see the fitting pictures for the specific conditions in Steps 5 & 6 of the fitting guide).
    Shaving Hair above babies ear
    Tapes above a babys ear


    Please read all instructions carefully to familiarise yourself with your new Wahl trimmer before use. You can print the instructions for further reference.

  • "Thank you so much Earbuddies!! You saved my baby from some future insecurities and saved us thousands of dollars in plastic surgery!!!"

    Leopoldo - San Diego, USA

    See Leo's Story
  • "Early splinting of neonatal ear deformities has been proven to be successful but the opportunity to splint is frequently missed due to lack of awareness amongst healthcare personnel."

    International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, NHS Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow - 2013

    Go to Article
  • "His ears look great now and people can't believe the before and after pictures. Thank you so much EarBuddies! You have made a great change in my sons life!!"

    Laura, Buckinghamshire, UK

    See Laura's Story
  • "She's been wearing the splints for 2 months now and her ears look amazing!"

    Niki - Essex, UK

    See Niki's Story
  • "Thank you for helping us prevent future cosmetic surgery and give symmetrical ears to our little boy during his early childhood."

    Dr. Kristen H. - Iowa, USA

    See Kristen's Story
  • "Many are told it will improve with age, or that simple taping will work, when in fact the opposite is true. Odd-shaped ears, which do not become completely normal in appearance within 48 hours of birth should be splinted."

    Royal College of Midwives: A Smart Start

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  • "The results are nothing short of amazing. She doesn't even notice them on and applying and removing is a lot easier than I thought it would be."

    Simone Marshall - Victoria, Australia

    See Simone's Story
  • "I can not recommend them enough! I now feel happy that Charlie can grow up without being self conscious of her ears."

    Tara Wooldridge - Nottingham, UK

    See Tara's Story
  • "We are so pleased and so glad a product has been designed to help to save the little people from having to go through a painful, expensive operation."

    Michelle - Bristol, UK

    See Michelle's Story
  • "If successful, an effective splinting programme could consign the surgical correction of all but the most severe ear deformities to the past."

    British Medical Journal 17 Feb 2007, Volume 334

    See what other experts say
  • "The fitting instructions are so easy to follow with great illustrations that helped me to feel confident in the fitting process. We are thrilled with your product and the results!"

    Kelly Moore - Instagrammer

    See Kelly's Story
  • "This is a phenomenal product & more people should know about it!! It's a shame US doctors don't know about this. This product will save so many children from having to get surgery and being teased about their ears."

    Mrs. Kasey Ott, U.S.A

    See Kasey's Story
  • "Splintage is a simple, safe and non-invasive procedure for the correction of prominent ears."

    British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

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  • "Thank you EarBuddies for such an amazing product. Such a minor inconvenience for a lifelong result. I know my son will be grateful in the years to come."

    Hayley, New Zealand

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  • "I cannot be happier with the result that we have achieved and am keeping the splints on for a bit longer to be sure of the result. I only wish that I had known about it before as my 3 year old nephew was born with cup ear..."

    Julie B, UK

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Headwear Size Chart

This table shows the average size of a baby's head between 2 weeks and 2 years.