Mrs P. Major - Review of EarBuddies

Good Evening,

Firstly I must thank you so much for the remarkable correction of my our twins ears, Oakley and Blossom. The whole process has been impressive and am so thrilled that now our twins have perfected ears.

Our story is as follows our twins were born at 32 weeks and were in the Special care unit in Northampton for 3 weeks and were such little fighters. When they were born there wasn't any visible imperfections to there ears. It wasn't until they were getting older and starting to gain weight that we started noticing that Oakley had one ear (his right ear) that was noticeably larger and slightly a different shape to his other ear. At the time we didn't think nothing of it as we didn't think it was a problem and was certainly not going to cause Oakley a problem. As for Blossom it was her opposite ear to Oakley so it was her left ear. Her ear was just not a ''normal'' shape slightly spock but just very different to her right ear.

As time went on, it was starting to bother me more than it was bothering the twins but I felt people were looking at there slightly abnormal ears especially Oakley's. But if it wasn't causing the twins any discomfort or problems then it was not the right thing for me to do anything about it. I was just prepared to see how they developed over time.

A few weeks went on and I started noticing that both the twins ears were not the 'normal' shape and were starting to become aggravated especially when they were sleeping and breast feeding. So I made an appointment to see our Health Visitor to discuss my concerns about the twins eras. I also had another concern being 'flat head syndrome' which I was unsure as to whether it could be related to there abnormal ears. So I was looking for some answers and help.

My Health Visitor was very supportive and explained to me how that 'flat head syndrome' was very common and where there heads were slightly flat was the side where they were laying in there Moses baskets and was folding there ears over so they were doubled up every time they had a sleep. I noticed this every time I was to breast feed them as well. I had to make a conscious effort to always fold there ears back to there head to make sure they weren't getting squashed. My Health Visitor was unsure as to where to guide me with the queries to there ears so advised me to go to the doctor and see what advice they could give me. She had mentioned that a surgical procedure could take place to rectify there ears.  

I went away and thought about what she had said and was really not keen on the twins under going surgery at a such a young age. But the thought of there ears doubling over must be so uncomfortable for them when they are sleeping and being breastfed.

So I went to see our lady doctor at our Doctors Surgery. From this day myself and my partner have never looked back. By this time the twins ears seemed to have become more obvious and that it was just the one ear on each twin. Our Doctor was very supportive and explained why the twins ears may have developed like this. All of a sudden it all started to make sense. She had said that being so premature as they were growing and still developing there ears were always being positioned in this way when there heads were pressed against me whilst breast feeding and on the womb there heads would have been pressing against each other so the flat head syndrome stemmed from this then obviously when they were sleeping in there Moses baskets there heads automatically turned to the flat side putting more pressure on their ears that then incorrectly developed.

 The Doctor mentioned to me about 'EarBuddies' and that she had recommended them to another mum at the surgery and she said they were successful but every case is different. This idea sounded very appealing as no surgical procedure would have to take place. I went away and discussed this procedure of using 'EarBuddies' with my partner and looked at your website to gather information together and to see if I really though that this was the best thing to do for the twins.

We came to a decision to go ahead with 'EarBuddies' for the length of time suggested and see what happens. So I ordered the 'EarBuddies' and we started the procedure on February 1st this year. I have to admit I was not sure how the 'EarBuddies were going to be successful and correct the twins ears but stayed positive and followed the procedure right up until the 4 months were up (as that was there age when we started).

All I can say is what a difference they have made. Both Oakley and Blossom now have matching ears and in perfect shape. Myself and my partner are thrilled with the results. We never expected such a huge difference. I am so glad that I went to our Doctor when we did or we would never have known about 'EarBuddies'.

For the time that they were wearing the 'EarBuddies' I used to feel that people were looking and staring at them as to why they had plasters over there ears but they really were not very noticeable at all.

They both now sleep and breastfeed without their ears folding over and it doesn't seem to bother them at all as they sit correctly in the correct place on the side of there head.

So finally thank you so very much for the creation of 'EarBuddies'

Yours Sincerely 

P. Major


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